Tuesday, 27 July 2010

BLOOM Gin @ The Juniper Society

BLOOM had a great outing last night at The Juniper Society, Graphic Bar.
Mikey makes a few Sonic BLOOMs and I get to sample the punch - just a taste test you understand.... The punchbowl was my first ever purchase on Ebay - the things I do for a decent drink! It worked perfectly though and I'm very grateful to Sarah Mitchell for the recipe (I'll post it soon) and James Rackham for providing the Bernard Loiseau Creme De Peches Fleur D' Hibiscus liqueur made by Boudier.
Also a huge thanks to both Mikey and Adam who looked dashing and served perfect BLOOM drinks all night long!

The quiet before the storm. We had 4 different sessions in the end with about 10-12 people in each group. Joanne (BLOOM's Master Distiller) was marvelous at being heard and sharing her knowledge and passion for BLOOM with a very attentive and interested audience. I hope her voice is ok today....

Things begin to warm up and we actually managed to start bang on 7pm with the first session filling up very quickly indeed!

The response was amazing and it was really great to see so many Gin Lovers - both old and new - out on a Monday night. This above is already the second session.

Wow! What a great sight and so many Rum Lovers dipping their toes into the world of Gin. What an honour for BLOOM!

The third session with some very intent listeners!
Thanks again to everyone that turned up, thanks to Graphic Bar, Alin and Sarah, Joanne and Anjna and of course BLOOM!

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