Tuesday, 31 August 2010

La Maison Fontaine - Finest French Absinthe

We are very excited to announce that from 1st September 2010 La Maison Fontaine - Finest French Absinthe will come under the Vanquish Wine Brand Management umbrella.

La Maison Fontaine is an ultra premium artisinal Absinthe handcrafted amongst the beautiful Jura Mountains in Pontarlier France, a place renowmend for its Absinthe history.

Distilled in the oldest Absinthe stills in the world, La Maison Fontaine has been masterfully refined using 15 natural herbs. Some we're keeping a secret, others we're happy to shout about - notably, our world-renowned Pontarlier-grown Grande Absinthe, which, together with green ansie, and fennel, is the "holy trinity" of any real Absinthe.

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