Friday, 9 July 2010

Verrier by Theo Von Sternberg @ McQueen

Theo rang me very excited the other day demanding I go up to McQueen to try a new BLOOM cocktail he'd created for the Perrier Cocktail Competition - well they didn't want just mocktails did they?! I dutifully (yeah right!) hot tailed it up there last night - I was not disappointed. As usual Theo has created a masterpiece - he's called it Verrier - creatively derived from verre vert for green glass and Perrier.


Peeled Cucumber

1.5 shot BLOOM Gin
20ml Velvet Falernum

15ml Green Chartreuse

15ml Fresh Lemon Juice

5 Mint Leaves

1 Small Bottle Perrier Water

Muddle the cucumer and add all the other ingredients. Shake hard over ice and fine strain into an ice filled rocks glass. Garnish with a cucumber tie and top up with the Perrier Water and leave on the side to occasionally top up.

This drink is perfect for these hot summer days and nights, it's deliciously refreshing and cooling with BLOOM's floral notes shining through. The Perrier Water is the perfect compliment and the top up as you drink is pure genius!
Sadly I can't post this until after the Perrier competition has been completed - GOOD LUCK Theo! Hopefully you may have popped up to McQueen on Tuesday to try this great cocktail at The Bartender Loves You - For Free!

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