Saturday, 19 June 2010

Jenssen Cognac - Inaugural UK Event

On Friday 18th June, Jenssen Cognac sponsored a Rolls Royce event at Goodwood House in Sussex which represented the first outing of Jenssen in the UK. As the Rollers and Bentleys pulled up on the lawn the guests were invited to an aperitif of Jenssen's entry level Cognac 'Carte Blanche' an XO with an average age of 12 years.

The 150 plus guests wandered through the opulent surroundings of Goodwood House enjoying the artwork and various artifacts until dinner was called in the ballroom at 8pm. After the speeches and toasts to various Heads of State, the smoked salmon and caviar blinis were followed by lamb shanks and a dessert of raspberry coulis, all to the melodic sounds of a string quartet. The coffee and petite fours were accompanied by Jensen's second Cognac - an XO with an average age of 25 years.

With dinner out of the way more speeches and a raffle ensued after which the guests were invited to partake in the other Cognacs in the exceptional Jenssen portfolio. The Hors d'Age is a single cask with about 55 years ageing, the L'Epiphanie comes in a beautiful decanter and is a blend of several eaux de vie with an approximate age of about 50 years and finally, the Arcana - the pinnacle of the Jenssen portfolio. The Arcana comes dressed in a wooden shrine and bottled in an exclusively designed, French, hand blown carafe. The liquid itself comes from a very limited source and consequently each Arcana is numbered and comes with a statement of authenticity.
As the event wore on new friends may have been made and lost but Jenssen Cognac remained a firm favourite amongst everyone.

We are already planning the next outing for Jenssen Cognac , it may involve chocolate, it may involve cigars, if you have a view/preference please let us know....?

Also soon to be found on not only on these pages but also Facebook and Twitter - but trust me, there's nothing quite like the Jenssen website for the most up-to-date news...

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  1. looks like a fantastic evening:-)

    And i can just say im very found of Jenssen cognac, a true "unkown" treasure.

    Best regards