Monday, 14 June 2010

BLOOM Cocktail - 'BLOOMsbury Set' by Tristan Lobb @ Vanilla

Vanilla is the sort of place I think you should take a first date. Tucked away in Great Titchfield Street it's unlikely your muse would've been here before. Inside, the decor is uber cool white, everywhere - the walls, drapes, curtains, tables, chairs - I did say everywhere! with cristal drop chandeliers tastefully floating above the tables and bar. The lighting tone can be changed at the flick of a switch - check out the gallery pictures at

Matt Destandau is the General Manager and Tristan Lobb is the Head Bar Tender. Both are really great guys and I'm certain they'd spoil you rotten if you let them know you're on that first date!

Tristan really worked on this BLOOM recipe and it's well worth the wait! There's another recipe in the pipeline too....

BLOOMsbury Set
I should say that Tristan did want to call this cocktail
'London in BLOOM' - which is perfect but sadly the name has already been taken.

2.0 BLOOM Gin
0.75 Grapfruit Juice
0.50 Chamomile and Honey Syrup (Homemade)
0.50 Egg White

Shake all ingredients over ice and fine strain into a chilled Martini glass. Garnish with an edible flower - in this instance a purple pansy.

I love this cocktail because the BLOOM really shines through! Initially a big hit of floral and chamomile, the grapefruit and the honey balance the drink out perfectly and the egg white provides a lovely mouthfeel. Overall a perfectly constructed and well blanced drink that's actually really easy to make! Assuming you can make the odd syrup....

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