Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Cocktails at Wax Jambu - La Maison Fontaine "Bloody Fairy" and Jade Perique Tobacco Liqueur "Coffee and Cigarette"

The Bloody Fairy

This is pure genius! The glass is wrapped in a banana leaf. The Bloody mix is a combination of Wax Jambu's homemade Sangrita and Tomato Juice. Horseradish and Worcestershire Sauce to personal taste.
The syringe is filled with 50/50 Vodka and La Maison Fontaine Absinthe. The idea is the Bloody Mary has oft been cited as a great hangover cure and Absinthe was traditionally a medicine. Put those two ideas together and we get a Bloody Fairy where one self-medicates one's own 'dose' with the syringe on the side.

I'm a big fan of the Bloody Fairy (and Mary) but this is the best I've tried yet. Perhaps it's the syringe action or the complex flavour profile added by the depth of La Maison Fontaine and Wax Jambu's homemade Sangrita - either way, I suggest you hot tail it down there and give it a whirl! Whether you have a hangover or not!

Coffee and Cigarette by Pietro Rizzo

50ml Eldorado 5 year old
20ml Jade Perique Tobacco Liqueur
15ml Santa Teresa Araku Coffee Liqueur
Bar spoon Laphroaig

Smoke the glass by lighting a cinnamon stick under it. Add all the ingredients apart from the Perique and stir over ice slowly for dilution. Add the Perique right at the end. Smoke the glass again just before loading and serve on the rocks. The garnish is some cinnamon sticks, broken cigar and three coffee beans.

The drink is rich and lucious with great coffee and smokey notes. It does exactly what it says on the tin - oh, apart from the caffeine and nicotine I guess... :-)

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