Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Another chance to attend a Masterclass with T.A. Breaux - Additional London Dates

After our very successful series of Sip Or Mix Masterclasses in March with Master Distiller Ted Breaux we are pleased to announce a few additional dates in April and May. Ted will take us through the History and Mystery of Absinthe while we taste all four Jade Absinthes and La Maison Fontaine. We will then taste the very unique Jade Perique Tobacco Liqueur also made by Ted Breaux. This will all be finished off with a tasting of the brand new pimento bitters made by Ted Breaux for Dale DeGroff. If you would like to attend any of the events below please email jenny@sipormix.com or contact the venue directly.  

24th April - 3.30pm -5.30pm Bartender Masterclass,  

25th April - 3.30pm - 5.30pm Bartender Masterclass,

26th April - Afternoon - in-store tasting,  
The Whisky Exchange  

30th April - 3-5pm - Bartender Masterclass,  
                                  - 7pm onwards - Members Monday, this event is for discerning drinkers who are members of the public and are interested in learning more about their libations. If you would like to sign up for this event please email: 

1st May - 3pm, Bartender Masterlcass,  
Wax Jambu  

2nd May - Afternoon - Bartender Masterclass, Brighton  
Evening - Consumer Masterclass, Brighton  
Both of these events are hosted by  
Mixology Group  
If you would like to attend please email

3rd May - Afternoon - in-store tasting,  

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