Sunday, 22 January 2012

Melange A Trois by Merlin Griffiths

It's often the simple drinks that can impress the most. The Melange A Trois was made by Merlin Griffiths of The Priory Tavern on my last visit. Merlin has an incredible palate and as soon as he tasted Jade Liqueurs V.S. 1898 he knew exactly what he wanted to make with it. 

30ml Jade Liqueurs V.S. 1898 Absinthe
30ml White Cacao (Giffard)
30ml Lime Juice
Shake hard over ice, strain into a martini glass and garnish with orange penny zest and sprig of borage if available.

Inspired by the Daiquiri of course but this combination of flavours offers something quite unique. I've since tried this combo with other absinthes and have to admit that Merlin got it exactly right with the V.S. 1898! The herbaceous flavour profile and slight astringency of the V.S. really shines through and gives this drink an incredible complexity and depth of flavour.

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