Thursday, 5 January 2012

Absinthe Infusion by Gavin McGowan Madoo of Bar Boulud, London

There's no doubt in my mind of the impact La Maison Fontaine has had on developing interest in the Absinthe category since its launch in the Summer of 2010. The starting point was to create a great brand - La Maison Fontaine is a small batch, artisanal and authentic French Absinthe dressed in a very chic and contemporary package (an inspired fusion of old and new) which also tastes amazing. Next was to educate, educate and educate some more, but this essential education was not just directed at the Drinks Industry but also to the General Public at large. This involved Art Exhibitions, Film Shows, High Profile Parties, Fashion Shows and many retail tastings, all great opportunities to dispel the usual myths about Absinthe. Even with all the right boxes ticked La Maison Fontaine goes the extra mile by furnishing bars with the tools to give their customers a truly authentic Absinthe experience - a traditional Absinthe fountain.

Above is Gavin from Bar Boulud, London about to make his Absinthe Infusion with his four arm LMF fountain, in the background is his two arm LMF fountain he keeps for a perfect serve....

La Maison Fontaine was at the forefront of making infusions in fountains, the 'Fontaine of Youth' is testament to that - check the Art of Imagination on the website:

Gavin took the infusion idea and ran with it, he did something that we had never seen before (or would recommend), rather than infusing the iced water in the fountain he replaced the water with alcohol (vodka) and La Maison Fontaine. He placed the zest of two lemons and two limes into the fountain and added a ratio of 1 part vodka to 1.5 part La Maison Fontaine. He lets it macerate for 4-7 days, depending on the quality of the fruit, after which time he removes the fruit so it doesn't over extract. He serves on the rocks with a lemon/lime garnish.

The resulting Absinthe Infusion is an intensly fruity number with big citrus, anise, herb and floral notes. So the next time you are in Knightsbridge do pop in to Bar Boulud (
and try Gavin's Absinthe Infusion - we'd love to hear what you think...

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