Wednesday, 12 January 2011

John Leese of McQueen mixes a "Le Lapin de la Maison" for Chinese New Year

I've known John Leese for some time now and he has quite a track record - Match W1, Mahiki and Viajante are just some that spring to mind. He is now the bar manager at McQueen in Shoreditch - a favourite venue of mine that has appeared on these pages several times before with Theo (who incidentally, is still at McQueen).

I asked John to make a La Maison Fontaine cocktail for Chinese New Year (the year of the rabbit - 3rd February) and this is what he came up with:

"Le Lapin de la Maison"

Google hilariously translates as "The House Bunny"

35ml La Maison Fontaine Absinthe

10ml lime juice

15ml elderflower cordial

20ml apple juice

40ml Sauvignon Blanc

Shake all the ingredients over ice, strain into a high ball and serve with an apple garnish - simples!


  1. That's a nice cocktail but unfortunately here in Japan it is hard to find elderflower liqueur .

  2. Hello chap. Thanks for the compliment. If you can't get cordial or liqueur. I would suggest, getting some elderflower tea and creating your own elderflower syrup and tweak it form there.