Thursday, 13 January 2011

Alessandro Paludet from 22 Below and his La Maison Fontaine Absinthe Old Fashioned

22 Below, just off Carnaby Street, is a real hidden gem with a very cosy atmosphere. Alessandro and Emelie run a tight ship and have developed a pretty comprehensive cocktail list. They have a gentleman's corner section with real classics such as a Sazerac and a Martinez. There's also a tiki page and on Thursdays - all tiki jars are only £5! Of course it was the absinthe section that I wanted to check out and above Alessandro is beginning to make the La Maison Fontaine Old Fashioned. The first ever Absinthe Old Fashioned as far as I'm concerned!

Now as you probably know Old Fashioneds take a while to make with the slow building and gradual dilution so while Alessandro cracked on with it I noticed the above contraptions. Test tubes with their own holders which are to be filled with iced water for an unsual perfect serve drip with your 'dose' of absinthe - novel indeed!

La Maison Fontaine Old Fashioned

35ml La Maison Fontaine
15 ml cold mineral water
few dashes mint bitters
fresh mint garnish

Quite simply make in the same way as a traditional old fashioned, by slowly building all the ingredients into a rocks glass stirring all the time while gradually adding ice. Not only is this quite original I'm certain it's the first LMF "white" absinthe cocktail to be green!

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