Thursday, 9 September 2010

Ted Breaux and Jared Gurfein of Lucid visit London

If you are not sure who Ted Breaux is then watch this History Channel show called Modern Marvels:

Things have moved along quite significantly since that film was made in 2006. Jared Gurfein of Viridian Spirits recruited Ted to produce an all natural Absinthe for the American market. Lucid was born out of this partnership and between them they successfully challenged the ban on Absinthe in the U.S.

Vanquish Wine is now the UK distributor for Lucid Absinthe and on Saturday 4th September both Ted and Jared came to London for a whistle stop tour. Our first port of call was Paramount to see the sights of London from above. Thanks to Amanda for her amazing hospitality.

On Sunday we had a Bar Tender Session at Montgomery Place. Alex Olas, the Bar Manager, is well versed in the ways of Absinthe and is also a big Ted Breaux fan so M.P. was the obvious place to meet. Thanks Alex and everyone one that turned up on Sunday. It was a real joy to share a comprehensive Absinthe training with some of London's top Bar Tenders! Montgomery Place is also the first official stockist of Lucid Absinthe!

The tube strike was a a bit of a problem (well done London!) but we persevered and made it out to Putney to Citizen Smith. If you haven't been I'd highly recommend it!

Paul Bradley, the Bar Manager, looking very pleased with his Lucid and Fountain! He also made some great versions of Ted's pre-prohibition cocktails - get in touch if you'd like a copy and some comprehensive Absinthe training!

I'd also like to thank:

Spooks for his great work at Callooh Callay,

Flavio and the team at Nobu,

Theo for making some fantastic pre-prohibition cocktails on Tuesday,

Ed from Salon D'Ete - very sorry it's now gone!

Sarah, Lee and the Team at Graphic,

Sara and David from Summer Fruit Cup,

Clayton Hartley from The New Sheridan Club,

Pauline and Peter from The Floating Rum Shack,

Alan from Foodpedia,

Ben from Blue Tomato,

Caroline and Manfred from The Londonist,

and finally a massive thank you to Ted and Jared!

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